Elwing Halokee (single drive)

Elwing Halokee (single drive)

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Halokee Longboard

More accessible, flexible and stable. It's a real longboard, made for big curves and long smooth rides.

955x244 mm

7 plies Canadian Maple

Round kicktail, regular concave, carved wheel wells.



Single Drive

Single Drive saves energy and weight. If you like cruising and don't need a strong torque to climb hills, you might like this option.

1x 250W

Climb up to 10%

25 Km/h in Pro mode



Standard Pack

The Standard battery is perfect for short daily commutes. It's lightweight so you can carry one or several in your backpack.

Up to 15 Km range

Charges 100% in 90min

90 Wh Lithium-ion